Bebebiafine water cleaning High Tolerance no-rinse 500ml

cleans and protects skin baby smooth face and the body of baby

Manufacturer: Biafine

SKU: 9773560 Bebebiafine water cleaning without rinsing


this water was specially formulated to clean and remove all the impurities of the body and the baby's face.

It is recognized also for moisturizing soothing and preserve the softness of the skin while protecting it from everyday irritations.


Soak a cotton of the water cleaning of Bebebiafine and then apply it on the face and the body. Repeat until skin is own.


Once opened, this water is good for 12 months.


Aqua - Polysorbate-20 - Methyl Gluceth-20 - Butylene Glycol - Poloxamer 184 - Citric Acid - Disodium EDTA - Sodium Citrate - Sodium Benzoate - Parfum (Fragrance).