Beaba water fogger Rechargeable purple


SKU 492021P


The laboratory Beaba purple rechargeable water Fogger is designed specifically for babies. Indeed, this practical and lightweight fogger works without gas. As compact as a vaporizer bag, it broadcasts a very fine mist. So, your baby is refreshed and moisturize gently. This mist will be ideal during your walks with baby or when it is hot. Works with batteries (AAA1, 5V).


Fogger for babies.

Operating tips:

Fill the flask of water. Then, open the fogger water tank: dragging the rear flap of the fogger upwards. Fill the water tank: lift the plastic part and using the flask, fill the tank. Fogging: slide the valve down. Place the fogger to 15cm from the face.


Purple fogger with vial and instructions for use.

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