Beaba thermometer Digital bath pink Lotus

Thermometer digital lotus Pink for accurately the temperature of the bath or the House.
Manufacturer: Béaba
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SKU 4920250 Beaba thermometer bath Rose Digital Lotus


The Beaba laboratory specialises in products for babies. It offers a great accessory for the daily life of the baby.

Thermometer Digital Lotus bath Rose is a thermometer of lotus flower and pink. It is very discreet in a room and its shape can be a fun game for the baby in her bath.

It allows to measure accurately the temperature of the water bath and the House.

Digital display allows quick and easy temperature reading.

Beaba thermometer Digital Lotus operating tips:

Use the thermometer for the temperature of the bath or the temperature of the room.

Refer to the instructions for use inside the product.


Product complies with the safety requirements.

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