Beaba Biboz bottle Silicone purple green 210ml

Support of the bottle
Manufacturer: Béaba


SKU 4911376 Baba biboz biberon silicone violet vert 210ml


Bottle silicone. Biboz bottle which gives the breast: Biboz is the first bottle 1 age designed to get closer to the most near the sensations and comfort that feels baby when it is sucking the breast. Biboz, as the natural flow of the breast: its innovative slot "Myflow" teat has been studied to only activate under the effect of suction to allow baby to suckle at her pace, as when he is breastfed. Its soft, thin and flexible silicone nipple allows baby to find close feelings of those proven in contact with the breast. Similarly, it allows baby to suckle without getting tired. Variable rate: depending on the orientation of the teat to perfectly meet the baby's needs. Biboz and his anticolique valve: Biboz has with a patented anticolique valve, specifically designed to reduce the absorption of air by baby during suction. It reduces significantly the risk of colic. Designed for a good grip and flared for easy cleaning.

directions for use:

Use with a preparation suitable for baby bottle


1 bottle of 210 ml

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