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Beaba Bib' seconds heating bottles electronics

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SKU 4911276 Beaba Bib'Secondes Chauffe Biberons Electronique


Bottle warmer ultra-fast to warm bottles and jars in just 2 minutes.

The bottle warmer electronic intelligent that owns a steam system patented heat quickly and safely all bottles in less than 2 minutes and the jars in less than 5 minutes according to the initial temperature.

Timer to adjust temperature with dual programming according to the starting (refrigerator or room temperature) temperature and the quantity of the bottle and pot.

Indicator light indicates that the unit is in operation and a beep will sound when the cycle of heating the bottle or the pot is finished.

directions for use:

Pour water at room temperature (about 20 C) in the tank up to the level mark. Place the adapter in the.

. Place the bottle to warm up without CAP, teat, or operculum.

Lock the Bell bottomed then plugging in.

Push button timer on the amount of liquid to be heated, taking into account the temperature (20 C or 5 C).

Press the timer button to start the cycle.

The light illuminates to indicate the launch of the cycle.

Bottle is ready when the indicator light turns off.

Unlock the Bell with his cap being careful to hot steam can escape, then remove the bottle by grasping the completed part (very hot empty part) with a suitable cloth.

Can be hotter than the liquid inside the bottle.

Recap the bottle and shake to homogenize the temperature.

If the bottle is not warm enough, restart a short cycle by adapting the heating time.

For the jar: practice in the same way as the bottle having taken care to have the small pot without lid.

Based on its initial temperature (20 C or 5 C), index button timer on the model of the concerned jar that will be ready when the light will be switched off.

Stir contents for proper distribution of temperature and taste before serving.

If the jar is not warm enough, restart a short cycle by adapting the heating time.

Attention: do not wash the Bell dishwasher safe.

Rinse only with clear water then wipe it carefully.


Without Bisphenol A

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