Bausch & Lomb EasySept 360ml lenses cleaning Solution

For all soft contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses.

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb

SKU: 9649009 Bausch & Lomb EasySept 360 ml lenses cleaning Solution

Properties EasySept lens cleaning Solution:

This improved fromule decontaminates and retains all soft contact lenses, including lenses silicone hydrigel.

Is suitable for sensitive eyes.

When the peroxide solution EasySept is added in the case to contact lenses, catalytic disc produces a special emulsifying action which decontaminates all efficiency and eliminates the proteins of soft contact lenses.

After 5 hours, the peroxide solution is completely neutralized in a saline without preservatives and your lenses are ready to use.

Tips :

1. Place the lenses in the Holster on the rounding reserved.

2 rinse lenses with EasySept.

3 fill the lens with EasySept until the landmark case and close the lid.

4 soak for at least 6 hours for neutralization.

5 lenses are then ready to use.

capacity :

specific case of neutralization.

Sterile, buffered 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, with stabilizer phosphonic acid, chloride sodium and phosphate buffer solutions.