Bausch & Lomb Bloxwash Nasal Spray cleanser & moisturizer 50ml

Bloxwash is a spray that cleans and preserves the nasal mucosa.
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb


SKU 5162003 Bausch & Lomb Bloxwash Nasal Spray cleanser & moisturizer 50 ml


the Spray Nasal Bloxwash of Bausch & Lomb laboratories is an isotonic solution that can be used in the event of early cold or rhinitis. This enriched nasal solution forms a protective film that lines the nasal mucosa and prevents the establishment of foreign bodies. It helps break down the bacterial biofilm before it develops.
usable from 30 months and without propellant gas, Bloxwash Nasal Spray cleans and rebalances the nasal mucosa the moisturizer and the lubricant. It protects from pollution, smoke, pollen and dust.

Bloxwash Nasal Spray Tips:

spray in each nostril. Usable at the age of 30 months.

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