Bang face bulbs box of 3

The immediate lifting bulb for instant beauty layout

Manufacturer: Coup d Eclat

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SKU: 4822874 bang face bulbs box of 3

Description: immediate lifting bulb For instant beauty layout 3 minutes to erase wrinkles and traces of fatigue: is immediate lifting Stroke in Radiance effect. visibly smoother, softer skin: depth and the number of wrinkles decrease. a glowing complexion and a holding of the remarkable makeup his secret: obtained the exclusive association with a concentrate of wheat proteins with a high molecular weight sorbitol (natural sugar) to starting from glucose from corn. lifting bulb also contains pro-vitamin B5 and gifted assets, beech bud extract cell metabolism is increased, your skin recovers more quickly. 3 vials of 1 ml.

indications: facial for atonic skins, skins devitalized. tired lines, wrinkles, fine lines. lifting effect.

operating tips: apply the morning to erase the traces of fatigue and wake up the brightness of the face and in the evening as beauty before an evening celebrating...