Balsam of the Tiger Patch x 3 (10cmx14cm)

patch tiger balm to soothe and relieve the muscles and joints.

Manufacturer: Baume du Tigre

SKU: 5109150 Balm of Tiger Patch x 3 (10cmx14cm)


Patch tiger balm is indicated to relieve and soothe the muscles and joints.

The patch has an immediate soothing and comforting effect.

The soft and flexible material with which it is made pleasantly adheres to the skin and is easily removed without pain.

operating tips:

For external use only.

The application area must be clean and dry.

Remove the protective film and apply on the painful area.

Does not stretch the patch implementation.

Use each patch q' once.


Do not use in children under 12 years old and people with allergic reactions to drugs and cosmetic products.

Store at room temperature. Do not exceed 30 c.