B com BIO man shaving 150ml cream

Shaving anti-irritation - ginger babassu cream
Manufacturer: B com BIO


SKU 4247542 B com Bio man shaving 150 ml cream

Overview :
light and creamy foam that protects the skin against shaving-related: microcuts, chafing, redness. Limit the Shaver by its double soothing and anti-irritation action fire.
facilitates the sliding of the blade by relaxing the hair. Without SOAP. Without gas booster.

Action 1: tones, soothes and protected - organic Ginger
Action 2: prevents irritation - babassu

use :
is not used as a conventional foam. Follow the operating instructions for a shave.
on a cheek, spread the foam. Massage in several times until obtaining a creamy texture and then shaving. Repeat on the other cheek.

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