Avne My coverage Box powder mosaic brightness + Mascara black + Lotion micellar 100ml

Corrective set of laboratories Avne complexion which includes a powder mosaic brilliance, a mascara high tolerance black and micellar lotion.
Manufacturer: Avène
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SKU 7003809 My coverage concealer Foundation Box.

Box limited edition of laboratories Avene that contains care proofreaders lighthouses from the laboratory.

box contents

This box * contains:

  • mascara coverage high black of Avene tolerance which intensifies, curler and separates lashes. This mascara has been designed in compliance with sensitive eyes with a formulation high tolerance. This mascara is also suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • mosaic powder brilliance of Avene that restores shine skin light skin while matifying more brown skin makeup.
  • micellar lotion avne allows you to eliminate the impurities on your skin without irritating it.
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