Avent Soother Silicone Classic animal Penguin and duck 0-6 months Lot of 2

Advent lollipop Orthodontique pacifiers in silicone for baby 0-6 months

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 9813PCR Orthodontic pacifiers in Silicone reasons Penguin and duck 0-6 months


Advent lollipop Orthodontique Silicone 0-6 months lollipops are orthodontic for optimal comfort. They are designed for natural oral development and have a cap clip for a perfect hygiene.

2 models available:

  • Girl: a white lollipop with pink sheep and a white lollipop with kitten.
  • Boy: a white lollipop with bunny, and a white lollipop with cow.

Using advice:

Babies have a sucking instinctive reflex that soothes them. If you choose the lollipop, the model orthondontique on recommended to maintain the growth of your baby teeth.Remember to Sterilise the soother regularly and every time she falls to the ground.Indication: Orthodontic pacifier - baby equipment.