Avent Soother Silicone airy 0-6 months green and violet Lot 2

Ultra-aerees Orthodontiques Free Flow advent 0-6 months lollipops for baby's sensitive skin. Green and purple decoration
Manufacturer: Avent
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SKU: 96300VV

Lollipops green Silicone orthodontic advent and Violette Flow for 0-6 months Free


The lollipops Orthodontiques Free Flow advent 0-6 months are ultra-aerees for baby's sensitive skin.The flat, flexible and symmetrical breastshield advent respect the natural development of the palate, teeth and your baby's gums.Silicone, tasteless and odorless, they are hygienic thanks to their CAP to snap.Sterilisable, past in the dishwasher. With ring.

Using advice:

After each use, wash the pacifier with soapy water warm.


Need sucking babies 0-6 months.