Avent Natural newborn Kit

kit for the baby so that he began his feeding bottle in a natural way.

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 2637664 Avent newborn natural Kit


Advent is the preferred brand of moms.

Avent natural newborn kit allows to start the baby feeding bottle in a natural way.

Indeed, the teats of feeding bottles are large to facilitate alternating between breast and bottle. These nipples have the same form as that of the breast which allows a natural feeding.

In addition, nipples aveoles allow the baby to have a comfortable breastfeeding because the nipple is not crushed. Their shape is unique, the teat is super soft and supple.

This kit also includes a new advanced anti-colic system. This system double valve to reduce colic because the air back into the bottle and not in your baby's stomach.


Infants 0 to 6 months. Anti-coliques and natural feeding.

operating tips

Good clean and sterilize before and after each use.


2 bottles 260ml (1 month and +),

2 bottles 125ml (0 months and +),

1 Soother 0-6 months,

1 brush.