Avent feeding bottle 240ml Natural glass

SKU: 5206410 Avent feeding bottle 240ml Natural glass

Advent is a pioneer in the manufacture of innovative bottle. Specialists have developed the bottles and accessories for the greatest comfort of baby, particularly against infant colic.


Bottle Natural glass makes more natural breastfeeding, for baby and for you. Exclusive alveoli of the teat allows baby to suckle at the breast, which facilitates the alternation breast/bottle.

  • Heat resistant

Glass Philips Avent bottle resists heat and thermal shock. You can then place it in the refrigerator, heat it and sterilize it.

  • Pharmaceutical quality glass

Fully recyclable, high quality borosilicate glass manufactured in France. The biberonNatural is made from virgin materials and printed with ink organic to ensure superior quality and unparalleled purity.

  • Two piece anti-colic system perfected

Innovative dual valve system reduces colic and discomfort by returning the air into the bottle, and not in the stomach of baby.

  • Alveoli in unique comfort

The alveoli of the teat reinforce its softness and flexibility, without provided that the teat is not crushed. Your baby benefits from a more comfortable feed.

The Philips Avent Natural feeding bottle is compatible with the majority of the Philips Avent, with the exception of feeding bottles range. Classic

indications Avent feeding bottle 240ml Natural glass:

  • Dimensions: height 14 x diameter 6,6 cm
  • weight of a bottle: 22.10 g