Avent bottle Natural Lot 2x330ml

Lot of 2 Avent Natural feeding bottles, two piece anti-colic system for baby's comfort.

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 2641832 Avent bottle Natural Lot 2x330ml


Avent Philips manufactures a wide range of products for your baby. For example: Avent BPA free feeding bottles, Avent nipples, the tire-Avent breast pumps, the range of pots of conservation with lid of advent and many other products.

the bottle natural 330 ml makes more natural breastfeeding, for baby and for you. Exclusive alveoli of the teat allows baby to suckle at the breast, which facilitates the alternation breast/bottle. Natural feeding: the wide nipple, imitating the shape of the breast, allows a similar to breast natural feeding.

Colic in the infants are common, they are most often due to the air baby swallows too much during feeding. The advent laboratory has therefore developed a two piece anti-colic system on the Natural feeding bottle.

  • New sophisticated two piece anti-colic system: the innovative dual valve system reduces colic and discomfort by returning the air into the bottle, and not in the stomach of baby.
  • Cells of unique comfort: the alveoli of the teat reinforce its softness and flexibility, without provided that the teat is not crushed. Your baby benefits from a more comfortable feed.

Tips for using Avent Natural feeding bottle 330 ml:

Baby bottles should be washed and sterile before first use and after each of them. Avent feeding bottles support both hot and cold sterilization.