Avent bottle brush 2 in 1 pink

SKU: 4125394 Avent bottle brush 2 in 1 pink


The goupillpon 2 in 1 advent has been designed for the cleaning of feeding bottles with wide neck. Tipped brush curled for a meticulous cleaning of all types of baby bottle wide neck, nipples and other breastfeeding accessories, with a nipple cleans integrated handle.

Indications Avent bottle brush 2 in 1 pink:

  • tipped brush curled for a cleaning head facilitated
  • exclusive handle and tip design
  • hair tight and resistant for a perfect cleaning
  • does not scratch or damage not feeding bottles and teats
  • easy to clean : compatible dishwasher
  • the brush snaps for easy storage
  • brush without Bisphenol A
  • exists in blue