Avent bottle 260ml Natural

Avent Natural feeding bottle 260 ml, teat mimicking the shape of the maternal womb.

Manufacturer: Avent

SKU: 5105821 Avent bottle 260ml Natural


Avent Natural bottle, has a pacifier imitating the shape of the maternal womb. this bottle makes more natural breastfeeding, for baby and for you. Exclusive alveoli of the teat allows baby to suckle at the breast, which facilitates the alternation breast/bottle. its innovative double valve system reduces colic and discomfort by returning the air into the bottle, and not in the stomach of baby thanks to its unique shape, this bottle is easy to hold regardless of the meaning, for maximum comfort , even for the small hands of your child. pacifier 1 m + supplied with this bottle.

indications of Avent Natural feeding bottle:

the Natural feeding bottle is compatible with the majority of the Avent range, with the exception of the Classic bottles. It is advisable to use only Natural nipples with the Natural feeding bottles.