Avene Eluage Elmusion anti-ageing restructuring 30ml


SKU 9652218 Avene Eluage Elmusion anti-ageing restructuring 30ml


The emulsion anti-ageing Eluage is indicated for marked wrinkles, deep furrows and loss of firmness.

This anti-ageing restructuring helps fight the signs of the times. In fact, he raises the natural synthesis of Hyaluronan by the skin itself.

This emulsion and restores firmness to the skin and fills in wrinkles.

From the first months of daily use, your face is visibly rejuvenated.

, Velvety texture provides comfort and flexibility to normal to combination, with a slightly powdered matte finish skin.

It is delicately colourful (fishing) and scented.

Tips for using Avene Eluage Elmusion anti-aging:

Apply the emulsion at night.

Limit sun exposure during the use of the product.


In case of tingling, it is advisable to space application of the product 1 time on 2.

Do not expose the product to a temperature higher than 40 C.

Do not apply in pregnant women.