Avene Akerat 30 100 ml

Specially adapted to the care of AK and flaky skin.
Manufacturer: Avène


SKU 4470582 avene Akerat 30 100 ml

specially adapted for the care of skin AK and flaky, the adult and the child over 3 years, it will reduce:

-Chronic excessive thickenings plate of the stratum corneum (palmo-Plantar, elbows, knees, scalp)

-Rebel calluses of support or friction areas.

Akerat S, rich in Avene thermal water, adds flexibility to the skin by compensating for the dry skin, eliminates unsightly and reduces dander areas thickened layer cornea.

1 100 ml Tube

governing use:
apply 1 to 2 times per day on the body and massage gently on the affected areas. Can be used on the scalp dry and unwashed leaving Act overnight. Rinse and then wash with shampoo adapted.

do not apply to children less than 3 years. Or areas of lesions (sores, infections,...)

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