Auriga Melalight Cream 30ml maintenance depigmenting cream

depigmenting cream treating brown spots due to Sun and from diverse backgrounds such as melasma.
Manufacturer: Auriga


SKU 4822124 auriga Melalight Cream 30 ml maintenance depigmenting cream


Brown spots appear after prolonged exposure to the Sun or for various reasons such as melasma or reactions due to a drug.
brown spots, are localized skin. hyperpigmentation

Auriga laboratories have developed a maintenance depigmenting cream based on the combination of assets that are fighting effectively against hyperpigmentation triggers.

indications Auriga Melalight Cream:

Prevention of melasma and mask of pregnancy for pregnant women and women on contraceptives.

operating tips:

Apply morning and evening care on areas to be treated. It is recommended not to expose to the Sun after applying cream.

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