Auriga Chiroxy Cream tube 50 ml

Optimal penetration of oxygen in the skin to subcutaneous tissue allows...

Manufacturer: Auriga

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Auriga Chiroxy Cream tube 50 ml


Treats skin lifeless and without chips (smokers, diabetics,...)

Ideal care pre and post-operative and post cosmetic procedures.

Activates the healing of wounds, scars and burns.

Effective during radiotherapy treatments.

Effective in post-peelingChiroxy cream, as its name suggests, has been specially developed to combat the lack of oxygen in the skin tissue regardless of the cause.

Chiroxy is a cream designed to bring better oxygenation to skin and a quick repair of epidermal tissue by stimulating the cell functions.

Thanks to its dosage original based on the nanosomes, the effectiveness of the Chiroxy is optimal, which is also an excellent tolerance.

Chiroxy cream will act both at the level of the radiance of complexion and tone of the skin at the level of the acceleration of the healing of wounds, burns or surgical post-intervention.

In General, Chiroxy cream will effectively activate the regeneration of the skin. For all skin types

Using advice:

Apply Chiroxy cream, morning and evening, on cleansed skin it is recommended to apply Chiroxy cream 15 to 20 days before surgery and 15 days after any cosmetic or surgical intervention may be applied directly to wounds after Desinfectionprincipaux active oxygen: works by regenerating and purifying to the nivea cell u.