Audiclean ear wax 12ml caps

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Audiclean against Earwax plugs for proper ear hygiene.

Manufacturer: Laboratoire de la Mer



SKU: 6047942 Audiclean plugs of earwax 12ml


Ears are often difficult to clean. Indeed, it is easy getting hurt or create caps in our ears.

This is why the sea laboratories have developed Audiclean, the atrial solution against the caps of earwax. It dissolves the Earwax and helps unclog the ear canal.Thanks to its flexible-tip, Audiclean Earwax plugs is used easily and comfortably. In addition, its scent of eucalyptus essential oil is nice and quickly disappears.

Audiclean plugs of earwax operating tips:

shake the bottle before use.

  • Tilt head and instil the solution into the ear in order to bathe the clumps of earwax.
  • Leave to act for 25 minutes now head straight.
  • Flush the ear with warm water to remove wax residue and clean led ear. For best results, use hygiene of the ear Audiclean.
  • Repeat 3 times a day until symptoms disappear. After 2 to 3 days of treatment.

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A. Anonymous
  the 17/08/2018
5/ 5
I know it is a very good product