Assanis Family wipes antibacterial 64 pack

antibacterial wipes, eliminate dirt and bacteria from the hands and objects.

Manufacturer: Assanis

SKU: 7931842 Assanis Family antibacterial wipes 64 pack


These antibacterial wipes remove dirt from your hands. Rich in aloe vera and provitamins B5, they preserve the hydration of your hands. 100% biodegradable, these wipes Assanis respect the environment. Antibacterial Wipes clean hands, objects and surfaces. Suitable for all your outdoor activities. Hypoallergenic, they are suitable for all skin types.

Tips for using Assanis Family antibacterial wipes:

External use on healthy skin. Do not use on mucous membranes.


Denatured alcohol, water, isopropyl alcohol. neopenthyl glycol diheptanoate. aloe barbadensis. panthenol.