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AromaStick Nasal inhaler 0.8 ml Fresh

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SKU 5098028 AromaStick Nasal inhaler 0.8 ml Fresh


Aromastick Nasal Fresh is a fresh inhaler stick with 100% essential oils for a nose that exudes freshness. It is indicated for colds and colds.

This inhaler to the antibacterial formula strengthens the defenses of the organism in times of increased need.

It combines non-aggressive for the mucous membranes essential oils:

  • the essence of fresh mint to protect respiratory,

  • of the eucalyptus oil to prevent the proliferation of bacteria,

  • the essence of thyme for its antibiotic and inflammatory properties.

This inhaler stick allows to easily draw the benefits of these species by the nose. They thus do not affect the mucous membranes and penetrate deep inside the sinuses and bronchial.

, Aromastick Nasal Fresh ensures the proper functioning of the ventilation and allows to keep fresh access to the sinus.

operating Aromastick Nasal Fresh tips:

Unscrew the stick and hold it near the nose and inspire.

Repeat as many times as necessary.


Do not use in children under 6 years and in case of respiratory disorders.

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