Arnidol Sun Stick SPF50 + 15g

Stick to very high protection and paediatric to protect from UV rays while hydrating sensitive skin.

Manufacturer: Arnidol

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SKU: 5753138 Arnidol Sun Stick SPF50 + 15 g


Arnidol Sun Stick SPF50 is a stick very high protection. This stick for paediatric use is suitable for sensitive skins as those of babies.

Enriched with a mixture of flowers of Arnica, Shea butter and mineral sunscreens, this stick allows:

  • create a barrier against UV rays and UVA, immediate effect

  • that the Sun's rays are not absorbable by the skin,

  • to bring a very high protection against UV rays and UVA,

  • to moisturize sensitive skin.

Usage is easy and convenient thanks to its presentation in the form of stick. It is specially designed to be always at hand.

UV and UVA

, Your baby is protected effectively and for a long time. In addition, while being protected, his skin is hydrated and soothed.

operating Arnidol Sun Stick SPF 50 + tips:

Apply the stick Arnidol Sun in a uniform manner on the sun-exposed areas: face, torso, shoulders, back,...

Renew this application as often as necessary.


This product has been tested under dermatological and paediatric control. It is hypoallergenic. In addition, it resists water.

Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.