Arlor Alpharegul man 60 capsules

Based food supplement with active plant .
Manufacturer: Arlor


SKU 4701254 Arlor Alpha Regul man 60 capsules


plant assets selected for Alpha Regul man involved in a complementary manner on the hair, including by the regulatory activity of the 5 Alpha reductase.
Alpha Regul man contributes to reduce significantly the loss of hair and stimulate their growth.

operating tips:

1 capsule (Brown) in the morning and 1 capsule (ivory) the evening preferably during the meal.
Cure of attack of 6 months followed by 2 courses of 3 months per year.


oil of Cucurbita Pepo (extracted from the pumpkin seed oil), extracts of Urtica Dioica (stinging nettle root extract), oil of Borrago Officinalis (Borage seed oil), soy lecithin non-GMO, beeswax (thickener), Zinc oxide, vitamin E, vitamin B6. The capsule shell: fish gelatine, glycerol, caramel (colour).

Capsule: from Linum Usitatissimum (flax seed extract), extract of Urtica Dioica (stinging nettle root extract), extract from Glycine Max (soybean seed extract), Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, Silicon, Zinc oxide, vitamin B6 dioxide. The capsule shell: gelatin, dyes fish: titanium dioxide, iron oxide.

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