Arkofluides stimulating 20 bulbs

food to use in the event of lack of energy supplement and of intellectual or physical overwork.

Manufacturer: Arkopharma

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SKU: 4809419 Arkofluides Stimulant 20 ampoules


Arkofluides Stimulant is a dietary food supplement for use in the event of lack of energy and overwork intellectual or physical. -ginseng is grown for millennia in Asia for its root called "flower of life". Its precious components, ginsenosides, are physical stimulants and intellectuals. -Sea buckthorn juice is renowned for its rich in amino acids and minerals. -caffeine-rich guarana is commonly used to improve physical resistance -Acerola, little cherry of the Antilles, is known for its anti-fatigue action. This association is a real vitality nectar.

operating tips:

take a bulb per day Shake the bulb before dilute. It is possible to renew the cure several times in the year.


73% aqueous extract from plants obtained from: 1000 mg Ginseng, 500 mg Guarana - concentrated orange Juice - Fructose - Honey - Juice concentrated sea buckthorn (1.8% or 300 mg).