Arkofluides relaxation 20 Bio bulbs

Food supplement for people wishing to relax and find a quality sleep.

Manufacturer: Arkopharma

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SKU: 4809394 Arkofluides relaxation 20 Bio bulbs


Arkofluides relaxation is a dietary supplement for those wishing to relax and find a quality sleep.

the Hawthorn is a small thorny deciduous tree which the relaxing properties of the flowering tops have been discovered at the end of the 19th century. Passion flower is a beautiful native vine of Mexico where it was used in the Aztec tradition to find a quality sleep. Since antiquity, the bitter orange tree is known for its relaxing and digestive properties. Thanks to its gentle action, the flower of lavender promotes relaxation and serenity.

operating tips:

adults: take a bulb per day.

Children from 12 years: take a vial per day. Given its concentration plant, it is recommended to dilute the bulb autocassable in half a glass of water (125 ml).


100% aqueous extract of plants obtained from 350 mg of hawthorn, passion flower 250 mg-250 mg of sheet of orange blossom and 100 mg of lavender. 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are produced according to the organic production method.