Arkofluides 1000mg 20 bulbs Royal Jelly

Arkocaps Royal Jelly are food supplements for you help find tone.

Manufacturer: Arkopharma

SKU: 4524527 Arkofluides Royal Jelly 1000 mg 20 bulbs


Arkofluides Royal Jelly 100 mg is a supplement food source of vitality with ingredients from the hive.

Royal Jelly, treasure of nature, is the result of the original encounter between the plant and animal world. Royal Jelly is a substance secreted by the nurse bees feed exclusively one of hers that would become Queen. This wonderful food he will give superior longevity of life 40 times and amazing productivity. These bulbs, ideal for all bring you 1000 mg of jelly Royal daily.

Source of vitality, this oral preparation obtained, including from fresh Royal Jelly, is a perfect tonic for all: child, adult, elderly and sports.

operating tips:

Take a bulb in the morning at breakfast preferably diluted in a glass of water or juice (200 ml). It is possible to renew use several times in the year, including to the changing seasons. Given the natural character of the product, a light deposit may appear. It is therefore best to shake the bulb before the dilution. To avoid possible falling debris of bulb in the liquid, do not break the bulb above the glass


water - honey (10% i.e. 1610 mg) - jelly Royale (8% or 1250 mg), juice concentrate Orange, Fructose.