Arko Royal syrup Bio tonic Junior 140ml

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A base of honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis and vitamin C

Manufacturer: Arkopharma

SKU: 2338622 Arko Royal syrup Bio tonic 150ml Junior

Properties: Resulting from the research of pharmaceutical laboratories Arkopharma, syrup Kid strengthening the original formula combines the Royal Jelly and Propolis, fruit of the science of bees, with vitamin C, helps the maintenance of the tonuq of children, and contributes to their full development. the jelly Royal, exclusive of the Queen Bee food, is a stimulant full. the Propolis , resinous substance made by bees, is known as biological shield of the hive against bacteria. vitamin C is especially useful for the general tone.

Taste strawberry.

operating tips: from 3 years old: 1 scoop per day (5 ml). from 6 years old: 2 dosing spoons per day (10 ml). It is possible to renew the Jack several times in the year recommendations: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplement use in addition to a varied and balanced diet. Do not leave within reach of young children. Shake before use. Keep preferably in the fridge after opening.


Cane sugar *, water, corn syrup *, bulking agent: maltodextrin *, honey *, jelly Royal *, extract from propolis *, Bay of acerola juice powder * (Malpighia glabra l.), natural flavour of Strawberry, acidity corrector: concentrated lemon juice *.

* Origin eagricole ingredient obtained according to the mode of production biological. Agriculture EU / non EU.



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V. Csilla V
  the 15/12/2017
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wery good