Arko Royal Jelly Royal 100% Bio 40g

Food supplement containing 100% of thawed bio Royal Jelly.
Manufacturer: Arkopharma


SKU 4852585 Arkopharma ArkoRoyal 100% Royal Jelly Bio 40g


ArkoRoyal Royal Jelly 100% organic is a food supplement containing 100% of thawed bio royal jelly.

Royal Jelly, wonderful food gives the Queen Bee superior longevity of life 40 times and productivity surprising.

operating tips: 1 dosing spoon per day, on an empty stomach in the morning. Take in combination with honey to sweeten the taste and allow to dissolve under the tongue. Renewable use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. recommendations: do not keep out of reach of young children. Always keep fresh after opening and maximum 40 days. Jelly Royale Arkopharma is conditioned under controlled atmosphere and without oxygen. Thanks to its packaging, the Royal Jelly is protected from heat, moisture and light. composition: without dye, without sweetener, guaranteed without alcohol. Extract Propolis aqueous obtained from 65 mg of Propolis implemented for a dose of 5 ml, sugar, Fructose syrup, dried Glucose syrup, honey (325 mg per 5 ml dose), Royal Jelly (125 mg per 5 ml dose), vitamin C, strawberry aroma, preservative: potassium sorbate.Average nutritional information for 1 teaspoon (or 5ml) / 1 teaspoons (or 10ml): vitamin C: 30mg / 60mg extract of Propolis: 1.8 g / 3.6 g honey: 325mg / 650mg Royal Jelly: 125mg / 250 mg.