Arko essential oil essential Tangerine 10ml

SKU: 5360826 Arko essential oil essential Tangerine 10ml

Properties Arko essential Mandarin:

Essential oil 100% pure and natural to the following properties:

Essential oils, volatile aromatic substances of vegetable origin, are extracted by distillation (water vapor drive) of the part of the richest gas plant, or expression cold of zest in the case of citrus fruits.

Tips for using Arko essential Mandarin:

this Tangerine essential oil can be used.

Bath: fifteen drops diluted in bubble bath or a dispersing

Release: 10-15 minutes per hour, 3 to 4 times per day

Massage: 10 drops diluted in 1-2 spoons of a fat vegetable oil Arko essential

Culinary flavoring: 2-3 drops approximately

safety precautions Arko essential Mandarin:

for any other use, consult your pharmacist or doctor aromatherapist. Do not use pure.

Avoid contact with eyes.