Arko essence diffuser ultrasonic humidifier

Arko essence diffuser ultrasonic humidifier Arkopharma is an oil diffuser essential capacity.
Manufacturer: Arko Essentiel
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SKU 3213170 Arko essential oil diffuser essential ultrasonic humidifier


The Arko essence diffuser oils essential ultrasonic humidifier has developed to disseminate the essential oils and moisture to the air with an ultrasonic process. This ultrasonic humidifier ARKO essence diffuser was developed to disseminate essential oils and moisture to the air with an ultrasonic process. This way to broadcast perfectly respects the quality and properties of essential oils.


ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.Essential oils help to improve the atmosphere of your environment and create a relaxing or stimulating.

Tips for using

it is recommended to use the ARKO essential, 100% pure and natural essential oils, biochemical and botanically defined (so-called HEBBD) available in Pharmacy and parapharmacy.

place the diffuser Arko bulk ultrasonic humidifier on a flat surface away from the edge. Remove the lid of the diffuser. Using the measuring jug, fill the reservoir with mineral water (not to exceed the indicated maximum level - 240 ml). Add 10 drops of essential oils Arko essential. Reposition the lid of the diffuser. Insert the diffuser cover. Connect the adapter to a power outlet. Press the light button and the steam button.When the water level in the reservoir is low or zero, the diffuser will stop automatically.

it is deconseile to disseminate essential oils continuous to do not saturate the air in aromatic molecules and prevent irritation. It is generally appropriate to disseminate them 3 to 4 times per day for 15-20 minutes every.


This diffuser has a capacity of 300ml. It is possible to use up to 20 hours (in cyclic mode). These dimensions are as follows: 15 x 15 x 19, 1 cm.

This device is guaranteed one year from the date of purchase, the original proof of purchase authentic.

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