Arko Bio Infusion legs light 20 sachets


SKU 2888790 Arkopharma Arko Bio brewing light legs


Arkopharma offers an infusion legs light combining 4 plants from organic farming. The tonic properties of Red vine promotes blood circulation. The blueberry and the Meadowsweet reinforce this action to decrease felt genes in the legs, particularly during the warmer seasons. Blackcurrant comes flavour this association. with Arko Bio you will find small legs.

Arko Bio Infusion legs light tips:

This infusion is deprecated in pregnant women or breast-feeding. Immerse a bag in a cup of 250ml of boiling water. Infuse 5 minutes 10 minutes according to your desires. It is advisable to consume 2-3 infusions per day. Enjoy it hot, cold, or ice.


sheet of Red vine * (34.7%), Fruit of black currant * (33.3%), bilberry leaf * (22%), flowering of Queen des Pres * (10%) qsp a dose sachet.

* 100% ingredient of agricultural origin obtained according to the organic production method. EU/non-EU agriculture.