Argiletz pulp d clay green 400 g

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Clay raw illite 100% natural

Manufacturer: Argiletz

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SKU: 6477832 Argiletz pulp d clay green 400 g

Properties: exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your organization and rigorously selected, this Green illite clay paste adapts to all your applications. Thanks to its incomparable quality and authentic strengths, it brings you an incredible comfort. 100% natural, no preservative, no ionization. operating tips: plaster and poultice: apply the clay directly on the skin layer of a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. Leave Act 1 to 2 hours or apply the clay with a cloth fin. file in the centre of linen 2 cm clay paste, fold the 4 corners of the cloth and apply this plaster directly on the place desired. in both cases remove the maximum amount of clay and rinse with warm water face mask: apply a thick layer and leave 10 min. Do not dry the clay. Rinse with warm water. Apply moisturizing cream Bio Argiletz