Aquatabs 10 L box 40 effervescent tablets

SKU: 7731936 Aquatabs 10 L box 40 effervescent tablets


During travel, the water quality can be unknown or questionable. Aquatabs is a new formulation to purify the water. In addition, this effervescent Tablet prevents diarrhea by eliminating microorganisms in contaminated water.The use is convenient. Indeed, the effervescent tablets free quickly the active ingredients in water. The water is protected for 24 hours. AQUATABS allows to obtain a water drinking, flat and tasteless. It is ideal for holidays and travel abroad

effervescent tablets Aquatabs operating tips:

these tablets can be used for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables. Add 1 tablet of Aquatabs in 1 litre of clear water.Allow 30 minutes before drinking the water.