Aphtavea Spray canker Lesions 15ml

spray processing for relieving canker sores and lesions of the mouth in order to aid their natural healing.

Manufacturer: Bouchara

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SKU: 9735950 Aphtavea Spray canker Lesions 15 ml


AphtAva Spray is a dealing with spray indicated to quickly relieve mouth and aid in the healing of canker sores and lesions of the mouth.

it forms a protective film insulating the canker sore or lesion of the oral cavity and thus reduces pain. Through this barrier effect and its formulation with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, canker sores are eliminated and the healing of the lesions are natural.

This spray is also suitable for canker sores and lesions of the mouth port of a dental device or a denture-related.

usage is easy thanks to the nozzle that allows to reach lesions which are located at the bottom of the oral cavity.

operating Aphtavea Spray Tips:

Remove the CAP and position the tip.

Direct the spray towards the lesion and spray 3 times to cover the entire lesion.

Apply 3 to 4 times per day.

Do not eat or drink during the hour after taking.


does not sting and alcohol-free.