Apaisyl Xpert nits and lice 250ml + comb


SKU 6060049 Apaisyl Xpert nits and lice 250 ml + comb


Even with impeccable hygiene, no head is free from lice.

This is why Apaisyl Xpert has developed a lotion radical lice and slow. This lotion kills 100% of lice and 100% slow thanks to the patented formula of its microemulsion. Formulated without chemical insectiside, its mechanical action on lice avoids any risk of resistance. In addition, easy to use, Apaisyl Xpert does not flow and eliminates in a simple rinse.

Hair is clean, flexible and manageable.

operating Apaisyl Xpert tips:

  • cover the shoulders with a towel and protect the eyes throughout the application.
  • Apply on dry hair, not to mention the neck, and the back of the ears.
  • Massage the hair to soak up the lotion, without adding water.
  • Let stand for 1 hour in the open air.
  • Simply rinse the hair without extra shampoo and comb for
  • Remove dead lice and nits with the included comb.


Do not apply among children less than 2 years of age.