Apaisyl Xpert lice and slow 100ml

Lotion curing aniti lice and slow anti

Manufacturer: Apaisyl

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SKU: 9782978 Apaisyl Xpert lice and slow 100ml

Properties: Apaisyl Expert is a radical medicated lotion which kills 100% of lice and 100% slow thanks to its formula patented its microemulsion. Easy and pleasant to apply, it can be eliminated in a simple rinse and only flows. Leaves hair clean, soft and easy to comb. Comb specific included. operating tips: cover the shoulders with a towel and protect the eyes during the duration of the application. Apply on dry hair, not to mention the neck and the back of the ears. Massage the hair to soak up the lotion, without adding water. Let stand for 1 hour in the open air. simply rinse the hair without extra shampoo and comb to remove lice and slow deaths by using the included comb.