Apaisyl nails damaged 4ml

Serum patented bioactive, fungal infections of the nails

Manufacturer: Apaisyl

SKU: 4551659 Apaisyl nails damaged 4 ml

indications: Apaisyl damaged nails is intended for the treatment of first-line nail Mycosis (fungi)-with little scopes. his patented bioactive serum has shown its effectiveness clinically :-its targeted action quickly stops progression of fungus fungus, -it penetrates the nail and stabilizes its structure for a healthy regrowth: nail is regenerated and protected , -creating a protective barrier prevents the proliferation of fungal infections in other areas. stylet applicator to treat fungus of a gesture quick and efficient. Painless and odorless, Apaisyl damaged Nails is active of the first application. Adult and child over 4 years. dosage: -in treatment of attack: apply Apaisyl on ill nail 2 times a day for a continuous period of at least 4 weeks. Then apply once a day until full recovery of the appearance of the nail. -prevention against contamination treatment : Apply once a day Apaisyl on neighbouring nails to the area affected by the fungus. packaging: 4 ml Tube