Apaisac Dermo-cleansing milk 200ml

Milk Dermo-cleansing Apaisac, cleans and gently cleanses sensitive and irritated skins.
Manufacturer: Bailleul Biorga


SKU 7992068 Apaisac Dermo-cleansing milk 200 ml


Apaisac Dermo-cleansing milk cleanses and cleanses the face of sensitive and irritated skin. It can also be used on remove the eye makeup.

It is ideal for gently clean skin drained by anti-acne dermatological treatments and skin weakened by extreme climatic conditions

Formulated with a gentle cleansing base without SOAP and perfume it offers a high skin tolerance, thanks to its Milky texture, Apaisac Dermo-cleansing ensures a cleaning and a cleansing very smooth face and eyes without drying effect. It doesn't require rinsing.

Thanks to the presence of plant phospholipids, it soothes and restores skin comfort.Its fluid texture provides a pleasant sensation of softness and freshness. The skin is clear, soft and soothed.

indications Apaisac Dermo-cleansing:

Without rinsing, no SOAP, no perfume, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

operating tips:

Apply morning and evening to face and neck. Prepares the skin to receive your daily Moisturiser.