Antistax fresh legs Gel light 125ml

Gel freshness of massage which tones up and refreshes. Recommended for heavy and tired legs.

Manufacturer: Boehringer

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SKU: 7017558 Antistax fresh legs Gel light 125ml

indications: fresh. massage Gel Invigorates and refreshes. heavy and tired Legs.

Antistax fresh Gel brings an extra comfort in the most challenging as moments when the heat is very strong or that the legs are numb by a lack of movement. it directly provides a sensation of freshness and relief. Ideal for the summer: at the office, on holiday or even returning home after a hard day's work. freshness Antistax Gel contains extract of Red Vine Leaf it exerts a favorable action and strengthens the tone of microvessels allowing circulation of the skin. thanks to its light and creamy texture, it absorbs quickly without leaving traces and leaves the skin fresh, soft and delicately scented. Moisturizing agents maintain the suppleness of the skin and prevent its dryness. Non fatty and neutral pH, its formula in all respects meets the requirements of quality dermatological and pharmaceutical.

operating tips: apply a DAB of gel and massage slightly starting with the feet up to the top of the legs. You can apply gel 2 to 3 times a day and more if necessary. to reinforce the effect of the gel, previously pass your legs under cold water by directing the jet of water from the feet to the top of the legs.

main assets: Red Vines

composition: Aqua, Ethanol, PEG-7-Glycerol Cocoate, Vitis Vinifera, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Erythrosin, Caramel scent: Citrus Limonum.