Guigoz Milk 2nd age from 6 months 1kg


SKU: 2032754 Annie milk 2nd age from 6 months 1 kg


Milk Annie 2nd Age is an infant milk powder suitable for the feeding of infants from 6 months up to 1 year of age. It is suitable for babies with no particular problem in their diet. It brings all the elements essential to the growth of your baby between 6 and 12 months, when dietary diversification.

Annie brings the right amount of proteins essential to the growth of baby. It is enriched in iron, vitamins and essential minerals to cover its needs. Essential fatty acids participate when their neuro-sensoriellles features.

Tips for using Annie 2nd age:

dilute milk Annie 2nd Age with little mineralized water (1 pod for 30 ml). For a toddler, prefer breast milk whenever possible. Do not add sugar. Use within 3 weeks after opening.

packaging: 2 bags of 500g and 1 measuring scoop