Guigoz Infant Milk From Birth 800g


SKU: 9933940 Annie milk 1 age from the birth 800 g


Your baby's diet is exclusively milk from birth to 6 months. Annie laboratories have developed milk Annie 1. exclusive formula which provides at birth all the elements necessary for the growth of a baby. for each infant, feed breast milk is ideal and natural. however, if wishes can not or do not want to breastfeed , vote physician will advise a milk infant. do not change without the advice of your doctor. If in doubt please consult your pharmacist.

Annie milk operating tips 1 age from birth:

Assay to be observed: a level measuring spoon (4, 3g) in 30ml of water. only use the measuring scoop contained in the box. an inappropriate amount of powder can lead to dehydration or depriving your child of a nutrition adequate. frequency of feeding bottles and quantities to prepare are indications. averages volume and the number of bottles are to adjust according to the needs of baby and her age. If in doubt please consult your physician.