Annie formula thickened milk 1 age 800g

milk first age Annie, formula thickened to prevent regurgitation.

Manufacturer: Guigoz

SKU: 9933957 Annie milk 1 age formula thickened 800 g


Annie formula thickened milk, 1 Age is an infant milk powder suitable for the feeding of infants from birth to 6 months of age. Its starch-thickened formula ensures a viscosity that helps reduce small releases physiological, colic, bloating or constipation.

Annie formula thickened has a high starch content, develops a homogeneous and stable viscosity which limits the phenomenon of physiological release of milk. A specific blend of lipids (structured lipids) are known to participate in a better availability of Calcium and to limit the hard stools.

This Annie milk contains the right amount of proteins essential to the growth of baby, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Tips for using Annie 1 age formula thickened:

Dilute Annie formula thickened milk with low mineralized water (1 pod for 30 ml)

For a toddler, prefer breast milk whenever possible. Do not add sugar. Use within 3 weeks after opening.