Anne of Peraudel SOAP lily white 100g

Scented soap rich in vegetable oils, for daily hygiene. Hypoallergenic.

Manufacturer: Anne de Péraudel

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SKU: 7973177 Anne of Peraudel SOAP lily white 100 g


SOAP lily white of the range Anne de Peraudel is the solution for a perfect hygiene and a pleasure. daily developed based on oil of sweet almond and a cleansing base, the formula of the Klorane laboratories ensures intense hydration while protecting your skin from any defatting. using the SOAP lily white Anne de Peraudel, your skin will be wrapped with a veil of sweetness and fragrance will make you travel.

operating tips:

moisten your skin in the shower, pass the SOAP on the body and lather, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.


a gentle cleansing, the sweet almond oil base, a White Lily scent.