Anne de Péraudel Carnation Soap 100g

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SKU: 6415191


Enriched with sweet almond oil, this soap cleans the skin while keeping it moist and protecting against dryness.

Long-lasting thanks to its low water content.

Moisturising and practical.

Scented. Contains no preservatives.


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Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 4.3 /5
A. Anonymous
  the 26/09/2016
4/ 5
Really pleasant scent, nice packaging, good creamy soap.
A. Anonymous
  the 07/04/2016
4/ 5
Very happy to find carnation soap after disappearance of R&G. Scent not as strong as the R&G, not much cloves, but very pleasant. Nicely packaged, creamy, shape of bar good in the hand. Good price too, though postage to UK pushed that up significantly.
A. Anonymous
  the 07/04/2016
5/ 5
Lovely perfume