Always Silk Collection Normal Plus 12 towels


SKU 2050278 always Silk Collection Ultra Normal Plus 12 towels


normal with protects-rated length flexible for extra protection on the sides and a good maintenance of the towel. for a normal flow to abundant. sanitary napkin Always Silk Collection is the only one to combine the 5 signs of protection:

  1. a protective veil which is as soft as cotton touch.
  2. a blue heart Super absorbent which turns the liquid into gel and traps odours to feel fresh and protected.
  3. a SuperFit technology that keeps the pad in place.
  4. of the protected contours SecureGuard to help keep the menstrual flow away from the edges and avoiding mishaps.
  5. InstantDry technology that guides the stream instantly in the heart of the towel for 100% confidence and lightness insured.