Always Discreet Professional towels leak urinary x 22 Long

towels long absorption to protect incontinence.
Manufacturer: Always


SKU 0062704 Always Discreet Professional towels leak urinary x 22 Long


Unlike conventional towels new towels Always Discreet Professional are used for incontinence.

Always Discreet towels along are towels, slightly perfumed, high absorption to protect Urinary leakage.

They have an area of ultra fine absorption which turns the liquid into gel. Thus, they are fine while absorbing 2 x more than necessary. They also have technology OdourlockTM which does not just mask odors, but captures and transforms them into odourless molecules.

these porresdent towels:

  • long, extra leak barriers

  • wallets individual and re-sealable, disposable sole discretion and

  • a double area of absorption unique to help contain odors and moisture.

Thus, 12 hours you be protected.

Always Discreet towels Long operating tips:

put a towel at the onset of incontinence. Change of towels regularly.

not to throw the towel in the toilet.


dermatologically tested

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